Household Cleaning

Home is the love of the Harbor. Our beloved ones all live in it, we need to let them live in a clean and healthy environment. Kitchen is a greasy place, we can shoose those oil-free items to clean it, such as bamboo fiber, wood fiber, scouring pad and so on. A clean widonw can help us enjoy the outside scenery better, glass cloth and french terry is a good choice. More professional advice just contact us!

Car Care Towels

Every family owns one car or more cars now, car care is an important part of our life. Microfiber is split fiber, which can do cleaning in better way. We advise car care towels to be ultra soft, super absorbent, anti-scratch, lint-free, and different part should use different type of towels. We can use chenille glove to wash car lacqure, use ultra thick coral fleece to make it dry, use glass cloth to clean glass, use brushed weft knitting towel to wax and so on. More professional advice just contact us!


Mop Cleaning

When babies just learn to walk, they like going on all fours. It’s very important to cleaning it well. We have different designs of mops for cleaning, drying and waxing the floor. More professional advice just contact us!


Outdoor Sports Towels

A healthy body is everything. Let’s go ourside and do exercise. Sports towels should be light material, quick dry, antibacterial, ultra absorbent and soft. Microfiber suede towel, cooling towel all fit for sports. More professional advice just contact us!


Personal Cleaning

Besides car cleaning, house cleaning, we need to pay much attention to our body cleaning. Everyday we get up to wash face, hands, hairs and so on. Our skin is tender, we need to choose the right towel for ourselves. We have different items for body cleaning, such as bath towel, bath skirt, hair-drying cap, face towel, hand towel and so on. More professional advice just contact us!


Pet Grooming Towels

Pets are good friends of us, we need to take care of them. They also need take a shower weekly, their towel should be high absorbent, antibacterial and easy to clean. Chenille and microfiber towels are good choices for them. More professional advice just contact


Yiwu Chenge Commodity Co.,Ltd

YIWU CHENGE COMMODITY CO., LTD is a modern premium household daily using products enterprise with the most advanced technology ,high production,professional selling and the best service . YIWU CHENGE insists in creating and making all kinds of microfiber towels and related products with diversified product lines , such as household cleaning items, personal care items, outdoor sports items, auto detailing towels, pet grooming towels and so on......

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